Alasin DeVeny

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Beginners Yoga, Chair Yoga, Singing Bowls, Children's Yoga, Yoga for Grief, Yoga for the Inflexible

A Glimpse of Alasin

Founding Teacher

"Around the world and back again."

Languages Spoken: English

Country: USA

Yoga was something I thought only fit and flexible people did. I learned in the hardest of moments that thought, is so far from the truth! I have been a special education teacher in the inner cities of NY, Los Angeles, Chicago and Austin for over 20 years. I have always tried to bring mindfulness to my classroom. A little movement here, a little deep breath there, was what my version of “yoga” was. I have many degrees in how to adapt learning to meet the needs of all, but in yoga my view was narrow. “How could I be a yogi if sitting crisscross apple sauce was a challenge?” In 2011 I learned that the mat was a place to heal, to find yourself, it was where I picked myself back up again after the trauma of becoming a young widow. My time on the mat has taught me that where I am is where I am. That I am no other person and that is what makes me uniquely ME. I love to say I am the inflexible yogi with a mind and heart that can bend like no other. I found that getting on the mat helped me find my strength, my voice, my inner light, my passion, myself!

I am honored to be 200 RYT from Yoga and Ayurveda Center (also known as Online Yoga School) where I am a graduate mentor to new teachers in training. This fall I embark on my 300hr training with Yoga and Ayurveda Center. I currently teach Life Skills and LOVE the special humans I get to spend my days with. You might even meet “Mrs. Barefoot” here on Yoga Juju. It is an honor to be part of this amazing family of yoga teachers.