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Alicia Hinde

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Vinyasa, Hatha, Power Flows, Flexibility, Backbends, Kids Yoga


A Glimpse of Alicia

Founding Teacher

"If its hard; try harder."

Languages Spoken: English

Country: USA


Welcome to my channel! My name is Alicia Hinde. I am a fairly new yogi. I started my journey in June of 2018. I had no idea of what yoga even was. I had gained so much weight from having my boys. I was exhausted, overweight, and every type of workout hurt my body. My knees, lower back, and hips would scream at me after any workout. I had created an Instagram account and saw this yogi doing this incredible asana. It intrigued me so much I started attempting these asanas I would see. It fueled my fire and it didn’t make my body hurt. 

As time went on, I started to learn about flows and form and technique. I didn’t take my first in studio class until a year after I started doing consistent asanas. I would find so much release and

clarity on the mat. It truly has changed my life. I took a trip to Seattle for work and took my first Bikram yoga class. It destroyed me! Somehow, it had me wanting more. I knew by the time I got back home I needed to deepen my practice, knowledge, and lifestyle. I signed up for my 200hr yoga teacher training and started teaching in a local studio. I am patiently waiting for my 300hr YTT to begin. (Forever a student).

As a wife and a mother of two incredibly handsome and wild little boys I am beyond blessed to have found yoga in my 30s. Earlier would have been nice but everything happens in the right time for the right reasons. Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me and my journey and I look forward to sharing my practice with you!


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