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Annalisa Manca

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Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yoga for Strength & Mobility, Hatha Raja Yoga

A Glimpse of Annalisa

Founding Teacher

"Make the gift of undivided attention -To others -To yourself. Nurture your mind and body"

Languages Spoken: English, Italian

Country: Ireland

I am a Yoga teacher and Psychotherapist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I am originally from Sardinia, Italy, and I moved to the UK to pursue a Master's degree in Communication, Education and Technology. 

While working a Medical Educationalist, I felt the pull to find a better balance between my inner self and the world around me. I hence started practising and studying Yoga more and more, until this journey of self-consciousness sparked the desire to share the benefits of Yoga with others.

Since then, while teaching Yoga, I completed a PhD in Medical Education and a Diploma in Psychotherapy. My academic, psychotherapy and Yogic background support my wish to help others develop into a better version of themselves, both physically and mentally.

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