Arya Esra

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Hatha, Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy

A Glimpse of Arya

Founding Teacher

"Love is the answer."

Languages Spoken: English, Turkish, French

Country: Turkey

I was born in Switzerland, and educated in French language.  My parents are Turkish and so am I.  Turkish is my mother tongue. I finished the Law Facility in Belgium then went to England for my Masters Degree.  Since 1996 I've been working as a lawyer registered with the Instanbul Bar Association. I have my own law firm since 2006.

I've been teaching Yoga on a professional basis since 2004 and for 2 years I have decided to slowly shift my career into a full time Yoga and Ayurveda practictioner. 

I adrore writing and have published a few books.  I'm a long distance runner and usually have an intensive marathon program throughout the year.  

This soul of mine is willing to grow with joy, laughter, friendship, compassion, and love.