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Briel Beaty

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Alignment Based Yoga, Yoga for Dancers/Athletes, Yoga for Kids, Chair Yoga, Creative Movement

A Glimpse of Briel

Founding Teacher

"Isn’t this exciting!”

Languages Spoken: English

Country: USA

For me, yoga is home and it extends beyond that mat, it is about how our practice can inform and support our everyday lives. I enjoy taking my yoga practice outdoors and you may notice that as you dive into my channel. 

My teaching style emphasizes alignment and introspection while making poses doable through the use of props, breath and in finding a balance between effort and effortlessness. I strive to inspire and cultivate curiosity encouraging you to dive deep and explore the patterns and habits that arise, with that knowledge we can build strength, awareness and compassion in ourselves.  

I offer instruction in Yoga Asana, Meditation, Mantra, Pranayama, Reiki and Traditional Western Herbalism.

I am a lifelong dancer/mover and started the journey of yoga in 2010 studying alignment based methods like Iyengar and Anusara. In 2017 I traveled to Rishikesh, India and studied at the International School for Yoga and Meditation (200YTT) and the Himalayan Iyengar Institute. I also holds two certificates in Traditional Western Herbalism and am a RMT (Reiki Teacher).

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