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Clyde Hampton Jr.

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Strengthening Yoga

A Glimpse of Clyde

Founding Teacher


Languages Spoken: English

Country: USA

I was always a skinny kid, skinny and shorter than all my friends. As a matter of fact skinny, shorter and darker than all my friends. My mom didn't have a lot of money so I couldn't dress well to make up for it so I lived with a chip on my shoulder. I felt the need to prove myself in all fields that were not my lane... the best fighter, the best football player, basketball player, lifter, whatever people competed in. I just wanted to prove that I was good enough to be a part of it.

When you come from where I come from your friends and family don't even know how to compliment you. When a positive feature or characteristic will be spoken about with negativity and jokes. When I was a kid they made fun of you for being really dark skin, not that I needed more fuel for anger but I sure had it. A lifetimes worth. If your a young black boy the world is already against you. You aren't promoted as useful, beautiful, or valuable. It took a long time for me to ignore all the negativity being thrown in my face. I have heard all the "your so black...", "your skinny as..." jokes. But then I started to look around. I noticed it wasn't just me. I noticed that nothing was good enough. Everybody was made fun of. To tall, to short, to dark to light, big lips, curly hair...everybody! I realized that this was just the way poor people tried to find something to smile about. Not poor in the concept of money but poor in the concept of no self value.

I made a choice. I decided to be proud of myself. Do the things that I believed would make me happy and make me proud of myself. Provide value to my own life. I decided to search for what would make me beautiful to me. Once I was able to, all of my strengths became so clear and beautiful. I stopped caring what other people thought and I started caring what I think.

Changing my focus changed my attitude and changing my attitude made me desired! Desired by myself and others. I had so much female attention and props from and athletic peers that it became overwhelming. To this day I still don't take compliments well but I am enjoying learning how to. I'm learning how to love myself. It makes me such a happy person being happy with myself that I just overflowed with love and I wasn't able to hate on people anymore or to be angry with people. I was proud of people for doing the things I couldn't do, as well as things that I can. Loving myself made me a better person, friend, family member.

The way I see it is we all need a good balance of selfishness. Doing all the things you love to do will quickly show you who loves to see you happy and who doesn't. You can choose to keep the people who wont support your happiness or you can choose to be surrounded by people who support your dream. The choice is mine because I define what beauty is to me and its up to me to live up to it.

I have been active in fitness since I could walk. Its the only life I have know. I have been training people for about 8 years and teaching yoga for 3 years. 1/4 founders of Right Track Fitness LLC and co-owner of Ninjafit gym. 290 hour Certified Vinyasa teacher from Yoga University.

I teach strengthening and restorative yoga classes out of Ninjafit and also Private lessons online. I also teach low and high impact fitness sessions designed to help with  restrengthening the body post injury, weight loss, and body toning. My gym also trains and builds American Ninja Warriors as well as conditioning and knowledge of obstacle course running.

I truly believe there is a place in the fitness world for everyone but the path may lead you through other forms before you find the best fit for you. Every bodies body needs activity.


Clyde Hampton Jr

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