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Dharmayoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Moonclasses, Hatha Raja Bhakti, Meditation, Pranayama, Nada/Mantra Yoga

A Glimpse of Iwona

Founding Teacher

"Everything is perfect."

Languages Spoken: German, English, Polish

Country: Austria

Hi, I am Iwona, a YA and DHARMA LOAY certified yoga teacher, and I have been studying and practicing all aspects of Yoga for almost two decades. After finding pranayama techniques to improve my breathing for my vocal studies, I started practicing traditional Hatha Yoga. Since then I’ve been studying various yoga systems, philosophies and spiritual disciplines. I'm constantly researching the physical and mental strength we, as humans, are capable of & possess.

My classes are inspired by my different experiences – from being a former professional lyrical singer, spiritual jewelry creatrix, aura soma practitioner, mentor, and intuitive empath. My thirst for knowledge and my curiosity about everything that has to do with yoga, drives me to stay up to date and to constantly learn new things. My speciality knowledge includes reading energetic fields, meditation techniques and a wide variety of yoga styles, which I incorporate in my classes. I believe strongly in healing properties, as well as the many tools of the yoga practice, which I experienced myself after some serious injuries, and have made it part of my mission to share it with others.

Today I mainly concentrate on Dharma Yoga, which is a strong Hatha Raja Bhakti style. Additionally I teach Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, special Moonclasses & workshops, as well as Pranayama, Philosophy, Mantra & Nada yoga.

I try to create a safe space for everyone to experience presence & concentration as well as devoting & immersing yourself deeper into your own practice. As such my classes are challenging, rewarding, grounding and transformative on a deep soul level. We’ll explore demanding yoga postures, aided by preparative sequences, and then deeply relax to let our bodies and mind unwind. This can allow us to go into places of deep healing, according to the practitioners' needs.

I strongly focus on the holistic quality of the yogic practice by including pranayama, melodious mantra & philosophy. My classes are never the same, always exploring whatever I have experienced myself, and always with a dash of humor.

Overall, well being and personal development as well as bringing what you experienced and learned on the mat into real life is my passion. I know there are countless avenues to achieve this – with each of my students requiring a unique approach. I am happy to meet you soon, here on yoga juju!


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