Kristin Maxwell

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Vinyasa, Alignment Based Yoga

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Founding Teacher

"Live it up!”

Languages Spoken: English

Country: USA

Embarking on a journey of self discovery while aligning the body through the ancient practice of yoga asana ~ yoga found it’s way into my life in 2009 while battling many extensive health conditions. For me, that was cancer - but it can come in many forms be it anxiety, physical pain, or social fear. I found that yoga gave me quality of life again, through the practice in the physical body and mindfully instilling positivity throughout my endeavors. It was then that I found inspiration to share this lifestyle to those around me.

Since obtaining my RYT-200 in 2014, yoga has become a way of life for me, both on and off the mat. I found spiritual comfort, as well as a deeper purpose as I foster those on their own paths of enlightenment. My intention through yoga is to cultivate an energetic community of like-minded individuals, and share tools to find peace whilst properly caring for our delicate body vessels.