Rebecca Osborne

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Hatha for Beginners, Trama Conscious Yoga, Chair Yoga, Gentle Flow

A Glimpse of Rebecca

Founding Teacher

"Begin afresh, afresh, afresh” - Philip Larkin

Languages Spoken: English

Country: USA

My name is Becky Osborne, I live by the sea in Dorset, England.

My main loves in life are my 2 children, yoga and being outside in nature. My friends would describe me as determined, bubbly, busy and always learning something! I have practiced yoga on and off for the last 24 years, always returning to it until it became an ‘everyday essential’ part of my life, especially in the last few years. I have always loved the way yoga made me feel alive and ‘in’ my body, as well as the feeling of calm and peace it left me with. Yoga has become not only my hobby, but also my passion and my healing.

For me, yoga is like a friend, who always has my back and can offer different things at different times, when I need them. Whether this is a slow restorative warm hug of a practice or a fierce empowering pep talk vinyasa. My favourite way to enjoy yoga is outside in nature, with the sun and fresh air around me, as I find such beauty in practicing with nature surrounding me, but really I'm happy anywhere my mat is.

Although my personal journey through yoga stirred and inspired me, it was through witnessing the profound healing of yoga in supporting trauma and mental health therapies, that ignited the drive to train as a yoga teacher. I believe yoga can be a useful, supportive aid to many psychological therapies to bring about change, soothing and empowerment.

My aim is to combine the healing and support of yoga (and the fun and exercise!) with a safe, nurturing and accepting space, whether it's for trauma, mental health or general wellness. A place where it's ok to wobble, or to pause and rest, laugh or cry in safety, without judgement and a place where we are equal, learning and growing. I aim to not only teach and guide students through the practical aspects of yoga but also empower them to find their own place and space on the mat, and with that, a place of peace, just for them.