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Sara Cole aka Seva Simran

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Kundalini Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Children's Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Meditation

A Glimpse of Sara

Founding Teacher

"Challenges do not come to the small, they come to the great." - Yogi Bhajan

Languages Spoken: English

Country: USA

Hey yogis and yoginis,

I am Sara Cole Barnette, known as Seva Simran Kaur when teaching or amongst other yoga family, it is my spiritual name.

I live presently in Houston, Texas and travel back and forth to Austin. I lived in Austin when I attended Yoga Teacher Training for Kundalini Yoga 200 RYT as taught by Yogi Bhajan at a local yoga facility/community/school/studio YogaYoga in 2009/2010. Best experience for myself to reconnect, to heal my body/mind/soul, to find fellow humans who wanted the same for themselves as I did.

My path that lead here was my massage therapy career, my reiki, my dance.. all modalities together were expressing raise my kundalini energy, activate it, so... I did!

Today I do many things, jack of all trades master of none lol. I am a mother first and foremost to two beautiful children. A daughter and son, and many fur babes as well. I am a licensed massage therapist here in Houston and have been since 2005, working all over Texas from Massage Envy to Lake Austin Spa Resort as well as where I went to yoga school Yoga Yoga Spa 360. 

I teach Kundalini Yoga as well as a few other modalities, I am a Wellness Advocate (Essential Oils/Holistic Health), I am a Crystal/Stone Therapist/Addict/Lover, a rock climbing, hula hooping, fire spinning, knitter/crocheter/yarner, Roller Skating, mama who does her best to just enjoy each moment. I am beyond excited for YogaJuJu and all that will come. What abundance! Thank you all! Sat Nam! Wahe Guru!

Sara Cole Barnette 37yrs blessed around our sun Ra.

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