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Silvia Petozzi

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Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Meditation

A Glimpse of Silvia

Founding Teacher

"A day without a laughter is a day wasted" - Charlie Chaplin

Languages Spoken: Italian, English, German

Country: Italy


My name is Silvia, I’m from Italy and I am more or less 30 years old (come on, you don’t ask a lady her age, do you?). I stumbled upon yoga 5/6 years ago: I was very stressed out and didn’t like myself at all. I went to my first ashtanga lesson and… It was love at first sight with yoga!

It took me a couple of years, though, to start practicing almost daily and as I worked a lot, had weird working hours and lived in a small town with not so many yoga teachers available I started practicing with teachers online.

I bought a lot of online courses, started reading a lot of books about yoga, everything with the aim of deepen my practice.

Needless to say that in these years my life became far better! Ok, well, it was’t everything thanks to the magic of yoga, but I believe it had an important role: it has helped me to start loving and believing in myself, giving birth to a new, healthier and happier, me.

In 2019 I decided to start my 200YTT and it was one of the best gifts I could ever have given to myself. At the beginning of 2020 I started organizing yoga classes and it’s just at that time that I realized that I do not only love yoga because I like how it makes me feel but that I love yoga because I like how I can make others feel when we practice together!

I don't like to say that I "teach" yoga. I prefer to think about yoga classes as a place where something is shared: I share my knowledge and my experience and you will share yours so that everyone can learn something and become the best version of himself!

Last but not least… I apologize for my English and I hope that my weird accents, my mistakes and the words I will probably invent during lessons (believe me, it happens also while teaching in Italian!) will snatch you a smile during your practice!

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