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Wendy Black

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Vinyasa Flow, Hot Yoga, Restore/Meditation, Yoga Sculpt

A Glimpse of Wendy

Founding Teacher

"Everyone can practice yoga: by listening to your body and taking shapes that are authentic to you."

Languages Spoken: English

Country: USA

I started my yoga teaching journey after my parents passed away, I was their caretaker and was feeling rather lost. I knew I needed to serve, but wasn’t sure where. Eventually, the answer came: teach yoga. It has been such a ride! Now I instruct students in restorative yoga and meditation, Vinyasa flow, Hot Yoga which is a fusion of Bikram and balance, Yoga Sculpt with weights and cardio. 

I love all variation of yoga and learning how each muscle can support your body for more efficacy. In learning how to use different variations of breath I have achieved balance with my nervous system and avoided many symptoms of menopause, regulated my stomach issues and have more acceptance and gratitude for my fellow beings on earth and in nature itself. 

Truth: I love practicing yoga on the beach before I surf and sending love to all the creatures in the water. Magical!

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