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Kara Haschke

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Alignment Based Yoga

A Glimpse of Kara

Founding Teacher

"Letting go is hard. But being free is beautiful."

Languages Spoken: English

Country: USA

Based in beautiful Austin, TX, I'm a busy mom of four with a longtime involvement in the health and wellness community. I first became interested in yoga while pregnant with my third child, and practiced off and on for years, but didn’t truly fall in love with the practice until my early forties. Yoga has been instrumental not only in helping me overcome several physical health challenges, but also in seeing me through several challenging seasons. 

Besides completing my 200 hour training, I'm currently enrolled in clinical yoga therapy training, and have spent the last two years immersed in and learning to apply information on the history and philosophy of yoga, anatomy and physiology, and the latest scientific research on both the mental and physical health benefits. A true student of the body and mind, I love to dig into the why and how behind the asanas, rather than just focusing on the physical practice and correct form. 

My ultimate goal is to become a yoga therapist and work alongside my students to help them develop a personal practice that is tailored to fit their particular needs. I'm a firm believer that yoga can help anyone create strength, stability, and clarity of mind. 

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