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Kristina Eisenhower

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Hatha, Iyengar-inspired Ashtanga, Creatively Themed Yoga

A Glimpse of Kristina

Founding Teacher

"Yoga isn't just something to do; it's everything to be."

Languages Spoken: English

Country: USA

Hi, I’m Kristina Eisenhower. I’m a high-energy and upbeat seeker, sharer and stoker of conscious change and colorful experiences. My mission is to live an elevated and kaleidoscopic life, and encourage others to do the same. As a consumer of experience, and a true student of life, for life, I’m a unique blend of “Woo-woo” and “WooHoo”.

In my “Woo-woo” world, I am the creator of two Oracle Card decks; and I’m a certified oracle card reader. I give regular intuitive readings online, and weave oracle messages into many of my yoga classes. I have studied and taught mindfulness (or what I call “mindfulzest”) in academic and yogic settings; and as of this writing, I am engaged in spiritual DNA activation.

In my “WooHoo” world, I’m related to the former U.S. President Eisenhower, have lived in a nudist resort; adopted a transgendered young adult son; married the same man twice; traveled to over 40 countries, and was a citizen of the world (an expat) for almost a decade. Oh, and I was born without a gall bladder! How woohoo weird is that?

This blended approach to my overall journey is also how I teach yoga. My light-hearted, jovial energy coupled with my maturity and extensive experience as an educator and advisor have afforded students all over the world an opportunity to learn, laugh, and love the practice of yoga. I am passionate, informed and inspiring – the essence and embodiment of how to “Yogify Yo’self”!

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